Red Vein – Skin Tag – Blood Spots and Milia


Red Veins, Skin Tags, Blood Spots and Milia can usually be removed by electrolysis.  Electrolysis has a history of 120 years, safety of this treatment and its results are well documented.  Today’s technicians utilise modern equipment and  techniques,  where a new disposable needle is used each and every time.

Thread Veins

Thread Veins


RED Vein Removal

  • Facial or Body thread veins (red veins) are small capillaries which become dilated and remain permanently visible on the skins surface
  • Blood Spots  are small concentrations of blood in the skins surface, round in shape andtreated with this method successfully
  • Spider Naevus are a combination of both the above, it has a spot of blood in the centre and a spidery thread veins spreading from it in all directions

Skin Tags

  • are a simple fibrous growth associated with aging.  Commonly found on the neck and face. Varying in size from a tiny speck to a pea size.image  also can be found in areas of friction underarms/breast/collarbone.


  • Or white spots.  Milia often visible around the eye/face area and are minute epidermal cyst, Where the oil becomes trapped in a blind duct with no surface opening.


      A fine layer of skin grows over the top,  they are pearly-white globules under the skin or raised above it.

blood Spots

  • These are bright red vascular blemishes that lie just beneath the surface of the skin.


     They are slightly raided and most common on the trunk/Torso, also on the face and hands.