Having had cosmetic surgery in Turkey I was advised when home to look for a qualified MLD practitioner,  I was lucky and found one almost on my doorstep.  Diane has a wealth of knowledge and her experience shows in her work.  The lumps of fluid were so uncomfortable but I needn’t have worried because after a few treatments these were so much more comfortable and looked so much better.  If your reading this I wholeheartedly recommend this lady.  M. Osborne


After my treatment for cancer, I ended up with secondary lymphedema to my face, I have been seeing Diane for a few years now, have no swelling other than a little build up here and their,  MLD is the best and only treatment I would recommend.  Thanks so much my dear, I have made a wonderful friend and you are a wonderful therapist.  Margaret.

It has been a blessing to be able to go back and see Diane following another cosmetic procedure.  I cannot rate her enough.  you pay for her expertise and her touch.  I feel so much more confident in going forward. Tracy W.

Not knowing how Electrolysis thermolysis works, Diane explained everything I needed to know, she made me feel relaxed in her company.  I had Age/Sun spots on my face and hands, I had a lot to treat. The outcome is so good, I would definatly go back for any of my skin blemishes in the future.  I would recommend Diane.   30/4/23  Mich

Thank you so much, Mummy Make over Surgery. I contacted Southessextherapies after my surgeon suggested MLD. Diane explained this technique is used professionally to help with post operative swelling. she is very knowledgable in this field and up to date with all the new surgery procedures around today.  I recommended a friend and we are both so happy. E & T xx
I was not in the mood to have my Manual lymphatic drainage for my arm Lymphoedema as my treatment for Cancer was wearing me down.  I managed to make the trip into Brentwood and i had my usual chat about how i felt.  Thank you Diane for being there for me.  when I got up and went on my way I couldn’t believe just how good I felt,  I had motivation, and much more energy than normal I even managed to go out for the evening.  So thank you so much I can not wait to see you again soon.  D x

I have been receiving MLD treatment from Diane for many years which has greatly helped my lymphoedema problem.     I have also been informed by a medical professional that my weekly treatment has almost certainly ensured that I have avoided the complication of leg infections.      In addition I have taken advantage of the many other services that Diane offers such as reflexology and beauty treatments.  Diane is a very competent and caring person, who carries out her various treatments in very relaxing and sympathetic surroundings and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who has a need of them.       C.Jxx

I have no hesitation in recommending Diane. In the last few years she has helped me come to terms with and manage my, post cancer, leg lymphoedema.  She has sourced for me, far better compression stockings than I could get on the NHS and worked her magic on my leg to ensure the Lymphoedema does not take to much of a hold.  Her sessions are always run on time and in a convenient location, helping me plan my day around my life not my MLD treatment. C.K

I am so grateful to have met Diane. She is such a lovely, kind, warm lady, that I look forward to my treatments with her. Diane has helped me with lymphedema in my pelvic region following surgery and radiation. She is so knowledgable and I always leave feeling much better, and like I’m back to myself again. My surgeon commented on a recent check up how difficult it is to find someone to perform MLD effectively, and after examining me, said that the lady doing mine was managing it wonderfully. I can’t recommend her highly enough, it’s clear how passionate Diane is about helping people, and I feel lucky to have found her. Katie xx