Lipodema is a medical condition that is often confused with lymphoedema.  The individual with the condition may appear to be simply obese and/or to have extremely swollen legs and abdomen.  The condition is an uneven distribution of the fat cells in the sub-cutaneous regions generally in the arms but more commonly the  legs or abdomen.  A major frustration of lipodema sufferers is that they are accused of being overweight which is absolutely not the case. Manual Lymphatic drainage and compression therapy are a  highly effective method of treatment of Lipodema.

showing no swelling in the ankle`s and feet

showing no swelling in the ankle`s and feet


Lipodema Symptoms

  • The signs of lipodema are distinctively different to that of lymphoedema.
  • swelling does not extend to the feet, but extends from the abdomen to the ankle
  • the limb texture is rubbery not hard.
  • pitting in the area is not present.
  • infections that plague lyphoedema patients are generally not a problem with lipodema.  The reason for this that lipodema is not caused by a mal functioned or damaged lymphatic system. 
  • In addition to MLD compression garments are essential.

Benefits of (MLD) for Lipodema

  • Reduction in Pain and Stiffness
  • Stimulation of Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reduces Oedema