let me tell you a little about me

  I am Diane, and my Practice spans three decades, my studies  began with Alternative health,  My first encounter was with Aromatherapy and the use of Essential oils for holistic health. Whilst learning about lymphatic system a talk was given on Manual lymphatic drainage  (MLD).  I was so interested but at the time  I was also undertaking  a skin care course at college in Thermolysis (electrolysis).

I was offered a place to study the Vodder method of (MLD)  at Southbank university.  Once I had completed my University studies,  I became the first registered therapist to offer (MLD) in South East Essex.   Excited about what I had learned so far, I wanted to know more about this important therapy within healthcare.   I embarked on a course with Professor A. Leduc of (Brussels University) his curriculum, the Leduc Method of Medical (MLD) at Bollingbroke Hospital, London gaining knowledge of pathologies of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema. 

   My passion had now become a reality as I set up my first clinic Working in a GP surgery in my hometown of Brentwood, alongside a physiotherapist, where I treated clients with lymphoedema and Lipoedema.  making a decision to leave the Surgery, I joined A team of health care professionals within an Alternative health clinic.  Being part of a multi disciplinary team over many years, was joyful, full of interaction and educational, as well as feeding my appetite for further learning and maintaining a good reputation.

  Taking on a second clinic in Upminster,  I received a proposal from Dr Padrino, his ambition, was to set up a self funding Lymphoedema service here.  This gave us an understanding of how Spain and England differed in offering treatments. Patients with Primary and secondary Lymphoedema were offered Intensive (DLT).  I was very excited to learn yet another other (MLD) method, which gave us the insight to the specific depth and direction of the lymph flow in the skin, mucosa, muscles, viscera and bone.  This technique is called “lymph mapping”(LDM) which allows the practitioner to assess and feel lymph flow and is particularly useful when working with lymphedema patients.  

    In 2016 I stepped away from the Lymphoedema Service and continued to work within the clinic for alternative health.  Jane Wigg from The Lymphoedema Training Academy offered  the most up to date technique of MLD. FG-guided MLD (fill & Flush), Developed by Professor Jean-Paul Belgrado (university of Brussels).   Undergoing this training was a completely new way of working with (MLD), and resulting in quicker and better results.

   Then in 2019  due to unforeseen changes in my life. I made a further decision in my career.  I now live and work in Rochford, where I continue to receive client referrals from many clinical teams including Surgeons, Oncology consultants, Breast care nurses and Cosmetic surgeons from all over the world.  I also have a wonderful clientele that refer their friends and family members for treatment too.

    My training over the years has been invaluable, given me extensive knowledge of the lymphatic and immune system, and has enabled me to help improve the health of people with many chronic conditions. I am committed to the goal of providing the highest standards and attending regular MLD/LDT updates. 

Registered Practitioner with MLDuk


British Lymphology Society.  Lymphoedema Support Network.   MLDuk CDT  lipoedema UK.


Diane Lott MLDukCDT (FG-MLD) LTA Cert. ITEC.